A Dark Blue Perfume – Ruth Rendell

A retired businessman returns from abroad to search for his ex-wife, who left him years ago for another man. Read by John Rowe.

Mark Roberts returns to his home town of Manchester after living abroad for many years. He’s a bit of a recluse who apparently has little interest in socializing with anyone in the community. A few months after his arrival he forms a friendship with a neighbor, the recently widowed Liz. For her, an affair is a liberating experience but she can’t bring Mark out of his shell. A local busybody decides to find out more about him and finds that he once tried to kill his fiancée and spent 8 years in prison as a result. In fact, Mark is haunted by the incident and can’t bring himself to visit the woman he tried to kill. He keeps seeing her on the street, just as he remembered her a those years ago. Urged on by Liz, he finally goes to see the woman, with tragic results.

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  1. A Dark Blue Perfume Ruth Rendell   13:46
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