A Night With Johnny Stompanato – by Jonathan Holloway

This is he story of how a 14 year old girl killed a big time Los Angeles mobster, and how Sean Connery thought he might get whacked for it.

In 1957, the Hollywood actress and Bombshell Lana Turner entered into an abusive relationship with mobster Johnny Stompanato. On the night of 4th April 1958, Stompanato was stabbed to death By Turner’s 14 year old daughter, Cheryl. Cheryl was cleared of murder, on the grounds that she was protecting her mother.

On April 4th, 1958 Stompanato came to Turner’s home. Turners daughter Cheryl, who went to a boarding school, was there that night. She heard her mother and the gangster arguing. Stompanato threatened to cut Turner’s face, to end her career. He also threatened Turner’s mother and Cheryl. Frightened, Cheryl got a knife and approached her mother’s bedroom, where the fight was happening. She was feared that Johnny Stomp was going to kill her mom, and then her.

Cheryl stood holding the knife, when Johnny Stompanato opened the bedroom door. What happened next is not exactly known. Cheryl says that Johnny essentially walked into her and the knife. Some at the time thought that Cheryl was jealous and loved Johnny herself, and she killed him in a rage. This seems unlikely considering that Cheryl is a lesbian who lives with her partner of almost 40 years. Others think that the young girl had a moment of absolute bravery and took this man down. Whatever the case, Johnny Stompanato was soon laying in a pool of his own blood, dying.

Lana Turner is one of the legends of Hollywood and was known as “The Sweater Girl” because of the tight sweaters, she became a major star and pin-up. History says that one day, as she was buying a soda at Schwab’s Drug Store* she was spotted by the publisher of the Hollywood Reporter. He was taken with the 16 year old girl’s beauty and referred her to Zeppo Marx, who was a major studio agent. Zeppo referred her to Mervyn LeRoy and history was made.

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  1. by Jonathan Holloway A Night with Johnny Stompanato  

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