Andrew Rissik – The Psychedelic Spy – BBC Radio

A 5 episode BBC Radio production of the Novel The Psychedelic Spy by Andrew Rissik.

This thriller has the feel of a Bond movie and a Chandler novel. Rissik’s script is studded with brilliant one-liners and dark humour and has the buzz of the ’sixties with classic Rock hits from the period.
This five part thriller by Andrew Rissik stars James Aubrey, Gerald Harper, Charles Gray and Joanna Lumley. First broadcast in 1990, it is directed by Glyn Dearman.


Part 1)..Running Scared
Billy Hindle’s given up his job as an assassin, but then his old boss Snark turns up.
Part 2)..Mondays Are Hell
Forced to give up Marianne, assassin Billy Hindle is blackmailed into one last job.
Part 3)..Plastic Assassin
On Temptation Island, assassin Billy Hindle plans to kill Jack’s wife Tara.
Part 4)..Orange Juice and Sugar
Assassin Billy Hindle is drugged by Jack and finds himself hallucinating.
Part 5)..Everyone’s Been Burned
Reeling from the shooting, Billy Hindle is determined to track down the killer.

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  1. The Psychedelic Spy - Running Scared BBC Radio - The Psychedelic Spy   43:31
  2. The Psychedelic Spy - Mondays Are Hell BBC Radio - The Psychedelic Spy   42:54
  3. The Psychedelic Spy - Plastic Assassin BBC Radio - The Psychedelic Spy   42:57
  4. The Psychedelic Spy - Orange Juice and Sugar BBC Radio - The Psychedelic Spy   43:56
  5. The Psychedelic Spy - Everyone's Been Burned BBC Radio - The Psychedelic Spy   43:52
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