As Time Goes By – by Bob Larbey

As Time Goes By was a hugely successful British TV romantic comedy starring Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer.

Two characters: Jean and Lionel, fall in love during the early 1950s, but when army officer Lionel was sent to Korea they lost touch after a letter he sent her never arrived.

38 years later, they have a small chance encounter as the now widowed Jean is running a secretarial agency and Lionel has returned to England to write his memoirs of life in the army and as a coffee-planter in Kenya and is now divorced.

Seeking an agency temp to handle the typing of his book, Lionel is sent a young secretary in the form of Judith Pargetter, and after hitting it off they agree to meet for dinner.

That evening, though, Lionel also chances upon meeting her mother and his long-lost sweetheart: Jean., in a gentle romantic comedy.

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  1. As Time Goes By 101 As Time Goes By - Bob Larbey   29:33
  2. As Time Goes By 102 As Time Goes By - Bob Larbey   28:58
  3. As Time Goes By 103 As Time Goes By - Bob Larbey   29:19
  4. As Time Goes By 104 As Time Goes By - Bob Larbey   28:58
  5. As Time Goes By 105 As Time Goes By - Bob Larbey   29:59
  6. As Time Goes By 106 As Time Goes By - Bob Larbey   29:15
  7. As Time Goes By 107 As Time Goes By - Bob Larbey   28:39
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