Ashenden, Gentleman Spy by W Somerset Maugham

Five short stories by Somerset Maugham, based upon his life experiences in the Secret Service durning WW1. All are beautifully written with the final story, “Mr Harrington’s Washing” being particularly poignant.

Episode 1 of 5 ‘R’
Ashenden, a writer by profession, has returned from the First World War and is approached by a colonel who offers him a position in the Secret Service.

Episode 2 of 5 ‘The Traitor’
Ashenden is despatched to a small hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland to try and buy the allegiance of a German informant – English charmer Grantley Caypor. But when it transpires that he’s not to be bought.

Episode 3 of 5 ‘Mr Harrington’s Washing’
In Petrograd, Ashenden encounters a fastidious American businessman called Mr Harrington, whose penchant for spotless laundry has ugly consequences when the Bolsheviks revolt.

Episode 4 of 5 ‘Miss King’
Agent Ashenden finds his Swiss hotel is a hive of activity for spies from both sides of the war and is summoned to the deathbed of an English governess who wants the ear of one of her countrymen.

Episode 5 of 5 ‘Giulia Lazzari’
Agent Ashenden’s summoned to a Paris hotel and tasked with ensnaring a known agitator – Indian lawyer, Chandra Lal who’s caused much trouble for the British war effort.

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  1. Episode 1 of 5 'R' Ashenden, Gentleman Spy by W Somerset Maugham  
  2. Episode 2 of 5 'The Traitor' Ashenden, Gentleman Spy by W Somerset Maugham  
  3. Episode 3 of 5 'Mr Harrington's Washing' Ashenden, Gentleman Spy by W Somerset Maugham  
  4. Episode 4 of 5 'Miss King' Ashenden, Gentleman Spy by W Somerset Maugham  
  5. Episode 5 of 5 'Giulia Lazzari' Ashenden, Gentleman Spy by W Somerset Maugham  
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