Batman: No Man’s Land by DarkerProjects

Batman: No Man’s Land – by DarkerProjects is Fan Fiction based on the Novelization of the “No Man’s Land” Comic Book Arc. This Novelization was written by Greg Rucka and is in no way affiliated with DC Comics, who own the rights to Batman, Bob Kane, the Creator of Batman, or Greg Rucka, the author of the Novel.
If you enjoy this series, you are strongly encouraged to purchase the Novelization of Batman: No Man’s Land.

Episode 001
The bridges of the City of Gotham have been destroyed. Gotham City is finished. All that is left is the No Man’s Land and the people crazy enough to stay behind.

Episode 002
In the 90 days following Gotham’s destruction, the Rogues have escaped from Arkham, and with No law, no government, and no Batman, what has become of Gotham City?

Episode 003
The citizens of what used to be Gotham City are slowly adapting to their harsh new way of life. Batman is not to be found, but someone has begun to put up Bat Tags across the NML and whispers of a Caped Crusader helping those in need are beginning to spread.

Episode 004
Cassandra finds an Ally in her hunt for Black Mask. Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon’s plan to start a gang war is initiated, though not all goes according to plan.

Episode 005
The Penguin sees plenty of profit to be made in the No Man’s Land and the Penguin’s actions put someone close to Batman in danger. Will Batman, who hasn’t been seen in three months, return from the shadows?

Episode 006
Batman is back. But with Gotham having fallen so far, will Batman be able to return order to a lawless land?

Episode 007
Batgirl’s new and old collide as Black Mask launches his attack on the Clock Tower.

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  1. Batman: No Man's Land - Promo Batman: No Man's Land -   1:00
  2. Batman: No Man's Land - Prologue Batman: No Man's Land -   7:52
  3. Batman: No Man's Land - Episode 1 Batman: No Man's Land -   10:02
  4. Batman: No Man's Land - Episode 2 Batman: No Man's Land -   8:48
  5. Batman: No Man's Land - Episode 3 Batman: No Man's Land -   12:09
  6. Batman: No Man's Land - Episode 4 Batman: No Man's Land -   9:35
  7. Batman: No Man's Land - Episode 5 Batman: No Man's Land -   13:47
  8. Batman: No Man's Land - Episode 6 Batman: No Man's Land -   21:28
  9. Batman: No Man's Land - Episode 7 Batman: No Man's Land -   14:28

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