Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

This thriller is told from two points of view, neither of which we are sure is truthful. First is Adele, the beautiful wife of psychiatrist David. She loves her husband and hopes their fresh start in London will mend their marriage in a past which we get only hints about. “I will never fall out of love with him. I won’t give that up. I can’t” she says. And then there’s Louise, a single mother who learns that the man she meets and kisses in a bar, David, is going to be her new boss when he’s brought in to take a tour of her workplace, along with his ‘wife’.

Louise is the more likeable of the two. She’s friendly, kind, and embarrassed by her actions towards David but still drawn to him. She has her own secrets. What are the cause of the night terrors that send her clambering through her home at night? And why is she trying to get to know both David and Adele without explaining her history and actions with them both? “I don’t want it to stop. That’s the honest, unpleasant truth. I want to have my cake and eat it.” She’s not who she seems to be.

Read by Rosie Cavaliero and Tracy Wiles

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  1. 01 Behind Her Eyes Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough   55:25
  2. 02 Behind Her Eyes Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough   57:42

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