Casual Cruelty by Shirley Jackson

Three short stories of ‘creeping unease’ by Shirley Jackson.

The first is ‘The Lottery‘ Read by Stacy Keach. Inhabitants of a small American farming town face another strange day as they try not to upset the tradition of the ancient black box.

Next is ‘Trial by Combat‘ Read by Joanne Whalley.
Emily Johnson has always known who has been stealing things from her furnished New York room, but now has she decided to confront the culprit.

Finally, ‘The Villager‘ Read by Glenne Headly.
Miss Clarence’s visits an apartment in Greenwich Village, New York. Where she finds an unexpected insight into other people’s lives as well as her own.


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  1. The Lottery Casual Cruelty by Shirley Jackson   14:03
  2. Trial by Combat Casual Cruelty by Shirley Jackson   14:02
  3. The Villager Casual Cruelty by Shirley Jackson   14:02
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