The Tomb By H P Lovecraft

Jervas Dudley is a daydreamer and a slacker. While still a child, he discovers the padlocked entrance to a mausoleum that once belonged to the Hyde family, whose mansion nearby had been struck by lightning and burned years before. Jervas attempts to break the lock, but finds he is unable. Disheartened, he takes to sleeping beside the tomb. After being inspired by reading Plutarch’s Lives, he decides to patiently wait until it is his time to gain entrance to the tomb.

Against his better judgement, he sets out for the tomb with a storm on the horizon. He visions the Hyde mansion restored to its former glory. He abandons his former quiet self for a party of blasphemous hedonism. During the party, lightning strikes and the mansion burns. Jervas visions himself being burnt to ashes. Next finds himself screaming and struggling as he is being held by two men who are with his father. A small box is unearthed by the recent storm. Inside is a porcelain miniature of a man, with the initials “J.H.”….


  1. The Tomb The Tomb By H P Lovecraft   27:59
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Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne Du Maurier

Lady Dona St Columb has tired of 18th century London society and grown bored of her husband. She flees to her their Cornish estate which has been unvisited for years, but retains a full staff. When Dona arrives, she hears stories of a dangerous French pirate…….

Frenchman’s Creek is set during the reign of Charles II and tells the story of a wealthy woman who moves to an isolated house with her children to get away from her boring husband and the judgmental looks of London high society. Away from prying eyes and her husbands demands, she feels as though she is finally free. She rejoices in the solitude and the freedom the Cornish estate provides her. She spends her days exploring the surround area and spies a pirate ship hidden in a remote inlet near the estate. She falls in love with the captain and has to make a choice. Will she do what society demands and stay with her children? Or will she abandon it all for a life of sex love and adventure?

  1. Frenchman's Creek 01 Frenchman's Creek Daphne Du Maurier   13:55
  2. Frenchman's Creek 02 Frenchman's Creek Daphne Du Maurier   13:49
  3. Frenchman's Creek 03 Frenchman's Creek Daphne Du Maurier   14:07
  4. Frenchman's Creek 04 Frenchman's Creek Daphne Du Maurier   14:03
  5. Frenchman's Creek 05 Frenchman's Creek Daphne Du Maurier   13:52
  6. Frenchman's Creek 06 Frenchman's Creek Daphne Du Maurier   12:37
  7. Frenchman's Creek 07 Frenchman's Creek Daphne Du Maurier   14:12
  8. Frenchman's Creek 08 Frenchman's Creek Daphne Du Maurier   13:46
  9. Frenchman's Creek 09 Frenchman's Creek Daphne Du Maurier   13:57
  10. Frenchman's Creek 10 Frenchman's Creek Daphne Du Maurier   13:48
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Soldier – by Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison’s innovative precursor to The Terminator.
Quarlo Clobregnny, a battle hardened soldier from thousands of years in the future is accidentally sent back in time to present day (1961) America. He has been conditioned from birth by the State (the “Tri-Continenters”) to fight and kill (the “Ruskie-Chinks”) the enemy.

After causing much mayhem, he is captured and held in a secure secret location. A language expert, Tom Kagan, tries to communicate with him, much to the disdain of Agent Paul Tanner. When a second future soldier is sent back to this time as well, Quarlo must fight to defend Kagan and his family, whom he has become friends with.

Ellison loosely adapted this story for the 1964 The Outer Limits episode “Soldier”.
He later brought suit against ‘The Terminator’ production company Hemdale and distributor Orion Pictures for plagiarism. The parties settled the lawsuit and an acknowledgement of Ellison’s work is in the credits of ‘The Terminator’.

  1. Soldier - Part 1 Soldier by Harlan Ellison   27:55
  2. Soldier - Part 2 Soldier by Harlan Ellison   28:17
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James Bond – The Living Daylights by Ian Fleming

From “Octopussy and The Living Daylights” the fourteenth and final James Bond book written by Ian Fleming. The book is a collection of these 2 short stories published in June 1966. This story is the latter.

James Bond is assigned to safeguard British agent 272 in his crossing into West Berlin by eliminating a top KGB assassin code named “Trigger” who has been dispatched to kill him. Bond takes up a position on the edge of the border. In a hotel overlooking the no man’s land of broken, brightly lit ground that 272 will have to cross, he sees a female orchestra arrive for rehearsal and leave, taking particular notice of a beautiful blonde cellist. Once 272 starts to cross the border, Bond sees Trigger get in position to kill him and realizes that it is the beautiful blonde cellist. He adjusts his aim at the last moment and shoots her rifle instead of her, allowing 272 to reach safety.

Afterward, Bond admits to his spotter that he did not try for a kill shot only because Trigger had been a woman. He muses that even though 272 is safe, the mission will be considered a failure because he did not kill Trigger. He hopes that M will fire him for it.

Read by Damian Lewis

  1. The Living Daylights The Living Daylights Ian Fleming   26:22

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Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

This thriller is told from two points of view, neither of which we are sure is truthful. First is Adele, the beautiful wife of psychiatrist David. She loves her husband and hopes their fresh start in London will mend their marriage in a past which we get only hints about. “I will never fall out of love with him. I won’t give that up. I can’t” she says. And then there’s Louise, a single mother who learns that the man she meets and kisses in a bar, David, is going to be her new boss when he’s brought in to take a tour of her workplace, along with his ‘wife’.

Louise is the more likeable of the two. She’s friendly, kind, and embarrassed by her actions towards David but still drawn to him. She has her own secrets. What are the cause of the night terrors that send her clambering through her home at night? And why is she trying to get to know both David and Adele without explaining her history and actions with them both? “I don’t want it to stop. That’s the honest, unpleasant truth. I want to have my cake and eat it.” She’s not who she seems to be.

Read by Rosie Cavaliero and Tracy Wiles

  1. 01 Behind Her Eyes Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough   55:25
  2. 02 Behind Her Eyes Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough   57:42

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Dr. Who State of Decay

The Doctor, Romana, K-9, and a stowaway, Adric, arrive on a planet with a feudalistic society. The villagers live under the dominion of three evil lords: Zargo, Camilla, and Aukon—who dwell in a dark Tower. The villagers are subjected to a yearly ritual called “the Selection,” in which a clutch of young villagers are taken to the tower and never seen again. This selection process is enforced by a brutal band of guards led by Habris.

The Doctor and Romana discover technology that is considerably more advanced than the mediaeval level of the planet, and wonder what happened to cause the planet to devolve to its current “state of decay.” Romana suggests that there is a dark force holding the inhabitants hostage. As they make their way through the village they are seized by cloaked figures. Meanwhile, Adric is captured by Lord Aukon, who sees him as being worthy of becoming one of the ‘chosen ones’.

The Doctor and Romana discover drained corpses and craft whose fuel tanks are full of blood. Talk turns to vampires and the fact that nearly every planet has legends about them. They enter an amphitheatre, its floor pulsing like a heartbeat. It is there that the Lord Aukon invites them to become the first of the new servants for the Chosen Ones.

  1. State of Decay Tom Baker Reading 1 Dr. Who State of Decay   27:41
  2. State of Decay Tom Baker Reading 2 Dr. Who State of Decay   27:51
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Catch 22 – by Joseph Heller

The tragicomic 1961 anti-war novel that sprang from Heller’s real life experiences as a W.W. II bombardier that mystified and offended many.

Catch-22 follows Captain John Yossarian in his missions as a bombardier in the U.S. Air Force during World War II. Yossarian only wishes to survive the madness of war. He’s convinced that everyone is trying to kill him, where everyone really is, in war. Yossarian tries to survive the dangerous missions he flies, while Colonel Cathcart continues to increase the number of missions his menust complete.

The novel does not move in chronological order, but involves a series of flashbacks. The first part concentrates on the present, the second part on the Siege of Bologna, the third part returns to the present, the fourth centers on Milo’s actions, and finally on Yossarian escaping from the military with his life.

  1. Catch 22: Episode 1 Catch 22 - by Joseph Heller   14:12
  2. Catch 22: Episode 2 Catch 22 - by Joseph Heller   14:12
  3. Catch 22: Episode 3 Catch 22 - by Joseph Heller   13:46
  4. Catch 22: Episode 4 Catch 22 - by Joseph Heller   14:03
  5. Catch 22: Episode 5 Catch 22 - by Joseph Heller   14:02
  6. Catch 22: Episode 6 Catch 22 - by Joseph Heller   14:01
  7. Catch 22: Episode 7 Catch 22 - by Joseph Heller   13:39
  8. Catch 22: Episode 8 Catch 22 - by Joseph Heller   13:53
  9. Catch 22: Episode 9 Catch 22 - by Joseph Heller   13:57
  10. Catch 22: Episode 10 Catch 22 - by Joseph Heller   14:05
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MindWebs 2.0 – The Lost Episodes

MindWebs was a Fantastic half hour, weekly radio show, broadcast out of WHA Radio in Madison Wisconsin from 1976 to 1984. The show’s format and subject were, as the shows creator and narrator Michael Hanson would say “Short Stories from the Worlds of Speculative Fiction” and featured dramatic, enhanced, readings of stories from some of the genres best writers, including Arthur C Clarke, Ursula K Le Guin, Philip K Dick, Ray Bradbury, and many more. Mr. Hanson states that there were 169 shows which presented 188 stories from 135 authors.

For more than 30 years only 154 shows have been available to the Public Domain. That means there are 42 Lost Episodes that haven’t been in circulation for over 30 years!

Now WMSE is re-releasing every single episode Including The MindWebs Lost Episodes! This page is dedicated to those lost episodes and each one will be given a review and summary here and a permanent home in this page, our MindWebs 2.0 page, and thrown in the mix of our MindWebs Live Radio Stream.

To honor the passing of the great Ursula K Le Guin it gives us great joy that the very first MindWebs Lost Episode should be her very own….

April in Paris: A Story by Ursula K. Le Guin
Review: April in Paris is about time travel in a playful and whimsical tone. A disgruntled scholar in the mediaeval era uses a summoning spell from one of his books and finds that he has summoned a dissatisfied professor who is living in the same garrett in 1961. The two get along famously until they realize that what they are missing in their lives is love. Both men then decide to use the summoning spell to find true love.
The recipient of numerous literary prizes, including the National Book Award, the Kafka Award, and the Pushcart Prize, Ursula K. Le Guin is renowned for her lyrical writing, rich characters, and diverse worlds.

  1. 02/04/2018 April in Paris by Ursula K. Le Guin Mindwebs 2.0 The Lost Files   31:26

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