Doctor Who Audio Drama

Great Fan Fiction Doctor Who Audio drama.
Jason Tate is an average thirty something but he is having nightmares about aliens and ‘Torchwood’ is keeping tabs on him. As he tries to learn the truth about himself, an age old entity rises to claim dominance over the Universe.
As the Lords of Time search for the Legacy of Gallifrey, Jason might hold the means to stop them. But doing so could mean his death.
The crew of the Phoenix, the Doctor, and Maurice, search for a lost soul and escape Jacob’s Disc before they are lost to the Chaytheen.

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  1. The Long Road Doctor Who Season 3   12:34
  2. The Lords of Time Doctor Who Season 3   20:26
  3. The Legacy of Gallifrey Doctor Who Season 3   18:04
  4. Summer Cutaway Doctor Who Season 3   12:17
  5. The Dreamers Part 1 Doctor Who Season 3   23:32
  6. he Dreamers Part 2 Doctor Who Season 3   17:26
  7. The Dreamers Part 3 Doctor Who Season 3   24:46