Dr. Who – Horror Of Glam Rock

The Tomorrow Twins are set to conquer the pop rock world of 1974. But will they survive with the arrival of the TARDISs? Stars Paul McGann.

The Doctor and Lucie go glam in 1974. Slade, the Sweet and Suzi Quatro are Top of the Pops — and brother-and-sister duo the Tomorrow Twins might be joining them. But will their dreams turn to dust after being besieged by a pack of alien monsters?

Horror of Glam Rock was part of Big Finish Productions’ Doctor Who Adventures audio stories and were co-produced with BBC 7. This story aired on 7 and 14 January 2007.

Check it out: Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures: 10th Doctor Audio Originals

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  1. Horror Of Glam Rock Dr. Who – Horror Of Glam Rock   56:31
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