Hour of the Wolf Radio Program – Presenting science fiction, fantasy, and related fields of endeavor

Every program includes a reading, (preferably by the author) or a radio drama. Many dramas come from the archives of Max Schmid, whose Golden Age of Radio has become one of radios most popular programs. Some are from the WBAI archives, with such notable producers and participants as Baird Searles, Samuel R. Delany, and Joanna Russ. Live interviews with sf writers are a mainstay of the program.

Hour of the Wolf began on WBAI in 1972 as a live free-form radio program. Created by Margot Adler Margot Adler, (now of National Public Radio, and author of Drawing Down the Moon and Heretic’s Heart,) the program originally ran Monday thru Friday from 5 – 7 AM. Thursdays and Fridays were designated as a ‘Science Fiction Spectacular’, and I was the co-host on those mornings. Margot Adler has chronicled these beginnings in her book, Heretic’s Heart.

Margot Adler took the name Hour of the Wolf from the 1968 Ingmar Bergman movie, Vargtimmen. In the film it is explained that the ancient Romans used the term to refer to the morning twilight–a time they believed the majority of people were born and died, when dreams were effective, and that magic reached its greatest potency.

Hour of the Wolf Radio Program

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