Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier – BBC Reading

First published in 1936, it was later made into a film, also called Jamaica Inn, and was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It is set in Cornwall in 1820. It was inspired by du Maurier’s stay at the real Jamaica Inn, which still exists and is a pub in Bodmin Moor. The plot follows a group of murderous wreckers who run ships aground, kill the sailors and steal the cargo.

The Plot
After her mother’s death, Mary Yellan goes to live with her only relative, her mother’s sister, Patience Merlyn, in a bar called Jamaica Inn. Patience’s husband, Joss Merlyn, is a local bully, stands almost seven feet tall and is a drunk.

Mary becomes attracted to Joss’s younger brother, Jem, who is a thief, but is not as brutal than his elder brother. Mary realises that Joss is the leader of a band of wreckers and hears Joss ordering the murder of one of their members.

Mary and Jem leave the moors for Christmas Eve and spend a day together in the town of Launceston, during which Jem sells a horse he stole from Squire Bassat back to the squire’s unwitting wife. When it comes time to return to Jamaica Inn, Jem leaves Mary and never returns. Mary has to walk home, but when she attempts this realises the weather and distance make it impossible.

A few days later, Jem comes home to speak with Mary, who is locked in her room at the inn. With Jem’s help, Mary escapes and goes to to tell the vicar about Joss’s misdeeds, but he isn’t at home. She then goes to the squire’s home and tells his wife her story, but Mrs Bassat tells Mary that her husband already has the evidence to arrest Joss and has gone to do so. Mrs Bassat has her driver take Mary to Jamaica Inn, where they arrive before the Squire’s party. Mary goes inside and finds her uncle stabbed to death; the squire and his men arrive soon thereafter and discover Patience similarly murdered.

Any more would be a spoiler, so….

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