James Bond – From A View To A Kill – by Ian Fleming

Read by Damian Lewis

A dispatch motorcycle rider on his way to British Secret Service HQ, is shot and killed and his Intelligence documents are stolen. James Bond is sent to investigate. Near the crash scene he uncovers an underground Russian agent hideout. Disguised as a dispatch rider, he shoots his Russian tail and takes his place. As he exposes the whole spy operation, his life is saved by Mary Ann who turns up at the end with men from the St. Germain station.

“Mr Fleming’s licensed assassin is in true form… Few men can have been able to mix business with pleasure so successfully as Bond.” – The Times Literary Supplement.

“Around the scene of the killing, the forest, which had held its breath while it was done, slowly began to breathe again.”

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  1. From a View to a Kill James Bond - From a View to a Kill - Iain Fleming   26:21
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