James Bond -Thunderball By Ian Fleming

It’s 1959. The world is in jeopardy. Can James Bond prevent a nuclear disaster?
In Operation Thunderball James Bond attempts to recover stolen nuclear weapons.

Follow Bond on his mission to find two NATO atomic bombs stolen by SPECTRE, which is holding the world ransom for £100 million in diamonds in lieu of not destroying Miami.

M assigns 007 to the Bahamas. He joins forces with Felix Leiter. Soon Bond meets sexy Domino, the mistress of ‘Largo’ and the sister of a dead pilot.

Bond meets a card-playing, eye patch-wearing SPECTRE Number Two ‘Emilio Largo’,  and as a ransom deadline nears, Bond is soon in an underwater battle with Largo’s henchmen.

Stars Toby Stephens as James Bond.
Specially composed music by Mark Holden and Phillip Smoot.


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  1. James Bond - Thunderball James Bond -Thunderball By Ian Fleming   1:27:00
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