KGRA Radio – Your Official Contact for the ‘Best Alternative Talk Radio on the Planet’

KGRA-db is an Internet-based talk radio network. It was founded by Race Hobbs and was created from his dissatisfaction with standards of current internet paranormal talk radio and and understanding that this medium is the future of radio broadcasting.

The network focuses on subjects and topics the mainstream news media does not: UFO’s and exopolitics, the paranormal, spirituality, philosophy, alternative news and research, suppressed information and technology, conspiracies and more.

Shows and hosts include UFO Researcher, Historian and Writer Richard Dolan, Chase Kloetzke with FATE Magazine Radio, The Official MUFON UFO Radio Show with Race Hobbs, Phenomenon Radio with Linda Moulton Howe & John Burroughs, Micah Hanks’ The Gralien Report, The Jamie Havican Show with Jamie Havican, Jill Hanson’s The Q.Psience Project, and more.

KGRA Radio – Alternative Talk Radio

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