Loveline – Love and Relationship Advice – with Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Pinsky

Loveline is a syndicated radio call-in program offering medical and relationship advice to listeners, with the assistance of guests, typically actors and musicians. The show also often features Amber Rose as host.

Loveline began in 1983 as a Sunday night dating and relationships segment on Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM.

In 1984, it added a segment called “Ask a Surgeon,” hosted by friend Drew Pinsky, who at the time, was a fourth-year medical student at the University of Southern California. The medical segment was pre-dated by an occasional legal segment in which a lawyer, known as “Lawyer Lee” would be present to answer legal questions. As Loveline developed and increased its audience, Pinsky became a public figure in his own right, and the show began referring to him informally as “Dr. Drew”.

Relive the chemistry that made Loveline one of the greatest and longest running radio shows of all time and find out how when it comes to love and relationships.


Loveline – Love and Relationship Advice

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