Man In His Time by Brian Aldiss

Jack Westermark can perceive everything 3.3077 minutes before it happens. His wife, Janet Westermark decides that although she is able to steer events in directions other than those indicated by Jack’s remarks, she chooses not to in order to provide comfort for Jack. Jack has to patiently wait three minutes for people to catch up with him. After returning as the only survivor from a mission to Mars, Jack’s sense of time is messed up.

Man in His Time combines humor, technology and prophetic caution together into a witty tale.

This award-winning story about space travel and how it affects life back home was adapted for radio to celebrate Brian Aldiss 80th birthday.

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  1. Man in His Time - 1 Man in His Time by Brian Aldiss   26:06
  2. Man in His Time - 2 Man in His Time by Brian Aldiss   25:50
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