Misery – by Stephen King

After an auto accident, a best-selling romance novelist is lucky to be alive. Or is he? This Radio drama adaptation of Stephen King’s “masterpiece” will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Paul Sheldon is the author of a best-selling series of Victorian-era romance novels surrounding the character Misery Chastain. He has just finished the manuscript of his new crime novel, Fast Cars, while staying at the Hotel Boulderado. Since 1974, he has completed the first draft of every one of his novels in the same hotel room in Colorado. With his latest project finished, he has an alcohol-induced impulse to drive to Los Angeles rather than fly back home to New York City. However, a snowstorm hits while he is driving through the mountains. Sheldon drives off a cliff and crashes upside down into a snowbank.

Paul is rescued from a car wreck, which has shattered legs, by Annie Wilkes, a former nurse who lives nearby in “Sidewinder” Colorado. She takes him to her home rather than a hospital, putting him in the guest bedroom. Using her nursing skills and stockpiled food and medical supplies, including an illicit stash of codeine-based painkillers, Annie slowly nurses Paul back to “health”. Instead of setting his legs, she puts them in splints. She proclaims herself Paul’s “number one fan”, being an avid reader of the Misery Chastain series. However, when she reads the manuscript for his latest book, Annie dislikes its violent content and profanity. She punishes him by withholding his medication, then forcing him to wash it down with soap water. Paul, who has done extensive research into mental disorders, suspects that Annie is dangerously disturbed.

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  1. Misery Misery by Stephen King   1:28:06
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