Mutiny on the Bounty BBC Radio Adaptation

This BBC Radio adaptation of Mutiny on the Bounty! is based on the Nordhoff-Hall novel that chronicles the actual historical events of Captain Bligh, Mr. Christian, and the crew HMS Bounty during the late 1780s.

In 1780 the HMS Bounty set sail from England for Tahiti under the command of William Bligh to bring back breadfruit. Bligh is a brutal Captain who doles out harsh punishment to officers and crew alike for the slightest infractions. Enmity between Fletcher Christian, the ship’s lieutenant, and Bligh quickly grows.

When Christian openly contests Bligh’s harsh treatment of the crew tensions quickly escalate.
After Bligh decides to sail the shorter western route around Cape Horn they must backtrack east costing them precious time, causing Bligh to push the crew harder.

When the Bounty reaches her destination the crew indulges in the carefree life of paradise surrounded by the beautiful and amorous Tahitian women as Bligh becomes increasingly agitated. Bligh and the crew are forced to wait until the breadfruit plants can be transplanted. When it’s time to leave, the men are not fond the idea of leaving their new found tropical paradise. As departure day nears three men attempt to desert and are quickly captured. Shortly after leaving, Bligh’s harsh treatment and limited water rations has the crew talking insurrection. And before long, ‘It’s mutiny Mr. Christian‘!

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  1. 01 Mutiny on the Bounty Mutiny on the Bounty BBC Radio Adaptation   57:31
  2. 02 Mutiny on the Bounty Mutiny on the Bounty BBC Radio Adaptation   54:30
  3. 03 Mutiny on the Bounty Mutiny on the Bounty BBC Radio Adaptation   59:40

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