Relic Radio On The Air – Radio Drama from the Golden Age of Radio

Relic Radio On The Air features radio drama from the golden age of radio. The playlist is changed often, offering hours of great old time radio from the late 1930’s to the early 1970’s.

Featuring shows such as: Case Closed, that began with The Persian Slippers, a story from The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe that first aired October 3, 1948. Then, The Adventures Of Nero Wolfe brings in The Case Of The Girl Who Cried Wolf, his episode from December 15, 1950 and The Dark Hour from Radio City Playhouse that story was first heard September 25, 1948. The Zero Hour follows with their episode from June 14, 1974, Clay Pigeons.

Relic Radio On The Air

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All of the vintage audio used in these podcasts is believed to be in the public domain. does not own the rights to any of the old time radio used here. If you are the rights holder to any of the shows used here. please notify me immediately via the contact form.

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