Soldier – by Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison’s innovative precursor to The Terminator.
Quarlo Clobregnny, a battle hardened soldier from thousands of years in the future is accidentally sent back in time to present day (1961) America. He has been conditioned from birth by the State (the “Tri-Continenters”) to fight and kill (the “Ruskie-Chinks”) the enemy.

After causing much mayhem, he is captured and held in a secure secret location. A language expert, Tom Kagan, tries to communicate with him, much to the disdain of Agent Paul Tanner. When a second future soldier is sent back to this time as well, Quarlo must fight to defend Kagan and his family, whom he has become friends with.

Ellison loosely adapted this story for the 1964 The Outer Limits episode “Soldier”.
He later brought suit against ‘The Terminator’ production company Hemdale and distributor Orion Pictures for plagiarism. The parties settled the lawsuit and an acknowledgement of Ellison’s work is in the credits of ‘The Terminator’.

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  1. Soldier - Part 1 Soldier by Harlan Ellison   27:55
  2. Soldier - Part 2 Soldier by Harlan Ellison   28:17
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