Star Wars – NPR Radio Drama

This is an audio version of the original movie that NPR produced decades ago with the permission and cooperation of George Lucas himself. Much of the original film was used as well as the actors, sound effects, and music.
The script was adapted from the original script so it includes scenes and information which were cut from the film. As a result of this many of the points of confusion from the movie are cleared up.
Characters are more developed and motivations are clarified.

NPR knew it could get more listeners by reviving the radio drama, which had been out of fashion for more than 30 years. The network then called on Richard Toscan, then-head of the theater program at the University of Southern California, who chose this story to dramatize.

But turning a film known for its spectacular visuals into radio wasn’t easy. The producers had to create 13 half-hour episodes from a movie that had only about 30 minutes of dialogue. They enlisted science-fiction novelist Brian Daley to write more of the back story. So for instance, the radio version has an extended scene aboard the Death Star that never appeared in the movie. In it, Princess Leia undergoes an excruciating interrogation at the hands of Darth Vader.

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  1. Star Wars 01 Star Wars - George Lucas   27:18
  2. Star Wars 02 Star Wars - George Lucas   27:40
  3. Star Wars 03 Star Wars - George Lucas   28:08
  4. Star Wars 04 Star Wars - George Lucas   27:42
  5. Star Wars 05 Star Wars - George Lucas   27:35
  6. Star Wars 06 Star Wars - George Lucas   26:32
  7. Star Wars 07 Star Wars - George Lucas   25:33
  8. Star Wars 08 Star Wars - George Lucas   28:32
  9. Star Wars 09 Star Wars - George Lucas   27:59
  10. Star Wars 10 Star Wars - George Lucas   25:08
  11. Star Wars 11 Star Wars - George Lucas   27:05
  12. Star Wars 12 Star Wars - George Lucas   28:16
  13. Star Wars 13 Star Wars - George Lucas   28:09

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