The Stranger’s Will by Dominic Power and Sarah Hall

This supernatural thriller is set in an eerie hotel in the Cumbrian Lake District. This haunting story is set against the stark backdrop of the Cumbrian landscape. An original drama about obsession, possession and memory. Great eclectic music soundtrack ranging from Dvorak, Bernard Herrmann, Cumbrian folk and David Bowie.

This powerful fusion of ghost story, road movie and touching love story was written by Dramatist Dominic Power and award-winning novelist Sarah Hall and stars Nigel Lindsay, Emily Raymond and Bryan Dick.

From the BBC: “Since her second novel ‘The Electric Michaelangelo’ was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, Sarah Hall has been regarded as one of the most promising and distinctive novelists of her generation. Her other award-winning novels include ‘The Carhullan Army’ and ‘How to Paint a Dead Man’ and her most recent book ‘The Beautiful Indifference’, a collection of short stories, won the coveted Portico Prize.
Dominic Power is Head of Screen Arts at the National Film and Television School, as well as working closely as editor and adaptor with Bristol’s Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory; his many radio credits include adaptations of Russell Hoban’s ‘Riddley Walker’, Malcolm Bradbury’s ‘The History Man’, Fielding’s ‘Joseph Andrews’ and Austen’s ‘Northanger Abbey’.”


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  1. The Stranger's Will The Stranger's Will by Dominic Power and Sarah Hall   1:28:30
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